We are an established company in Helsingborg that performs packaging of fruits and vegetables in various forms. We mainly pack in trays, nets, bags, and flow packs. The appearance and contents of the packaging are always according to the customer’s wishes. With many years of experience in the industry, we are passionate about staying at the forefront of innovation and new thinking. Together with our staff, we drive the company forward with the guiding principles of Innovation, Engagement, Development, and Sustainability. The CEO is also supported by an experienced, proven, and highly knowledgeable management team.

Swedlog is a company with high ambitions, short decision-making processes, and we take pride in finding solutions to all the challenges our customers come to us with – big or small.

Since 2022, we have been the sole collaboration partner with the German company Frigotec regarding avocado ripening rooms in Sweden, and we represent their ripening concept Softripe. This will enable us to provide an entirely new quality of taste and sustainability in Ready-to-Eat that is unmatched today.

We work in our 2,400 square meter premises with storage, packaging, ripening, and sorting of fruits and vegetables – and from 2023, also avocado ripening.

We work with quality and sustainability while ensuring our customers and suppliers are satisfied with our work. Our strengths lie in our service and our competent staff – we may not be many, but we are all involved in the journey we as a company make.