Wowokado! On Tour

On the 16th-17th of June, we packed up our belongings, took 400 avocados with us, and journeyed from Helsingborg to Stockholm. During these two days, we were present at Östermalmstorg and Kungsträdgården, where we had the chance to meet you as consumers. We shared information about our unique ripening concept and offered samples of our avocados. The response was absolutely incredible – we had the privilege of meeting wonderful individuals. And it seems you love avocados just as much as we do. Here, we’ve gathered content from our days in Stockholm!


With our unique technology, we can ensure avocados of consistent quality and doubled lifespan. Moreover, the avocados taste better and have stronger skins. But how do we convey this message to you, consumers who have more or less lost trust in avocados? Well, we meet with chefs and food enthusiasts who get to slice open and taste the avocados, sharing exactly what they think. Now is the time for us to regain consumers’ trust! Here, we’ve compiled content from our encounters with food enthusiasts and chefs.