At Swedlog, we want to contribute to the sustainable transition that we as a society, individuals, and companies must undertake for the sake of our environment. This is one of the most important issues that humanity has to address and work hard to achieve – and we are doing our part. We share this view of sustainability with our property owner – SLP – and we have solar panels installed on the roof of our building as a sign of this partnership. Swedlog has focused on a few areas where we can best contribute to the work that is required:


The plastic we use is already recyclable today – this requirement will not come into force until next year, but we do not want to wait for that and have this product already now.

We seek and develop climate-smart packaging together with our suppliers to the extent that it is possible to produce – while providing an environmentally and cost-effective product.


Our crowning achievement is our project Hållbar Mognad (Sustainable Ripening). We are the first and only company in Sweden to hold the concept called Softripe, which refers to the ripening of avocados. This method of ripening avocados will significantly reduce food waste and provide a product that is sustainable in both environmental and quality aspects.


At Swedlog, we take pride in our staff. Although we may be a small company in terms of staffing, we value our employees greatly. We are certified by SMAK for workplace safety, working conditions, and food safety, and we conduct our own audits annually to ensure that we meet the requirements and regulations in these areas. Our employees are always welcome to provide suggestions or feedback to the management – we have a flat organizational structure and short decision-making processes.


We request certificates from all our suppliers to ensure that they comply with the regulations in their production. We also collaborate with our suppliers to find new and improved ways to work sustainably in terms of packaging, transportation, and products.